Saturday, 23 January 2010

spririted soul calm

Something about the beach makes me want to just leave everything else behind. Whether it's the waves crashing against rocks furiously, or the hawk circling above the sea for its prey; the effect is always calming. I'd doze on the boat in my two-piece while the boys try their mightiest to catch the biggest bait and then everything else doesn't matter anymore.

Every day I'd wake up to familiarity of palm trees, clear blue skies and sea and white sands. Not even a single sound of cars, no blaring honks but just boats docking at mini piers dropping off kitchen essentials. Newspapers come in at 3. We'd fly a kite until we see nothing but a speck of blue dot in the sky.

I want to lie down on the white sand, fine as they are like miniature shiny diamonds, with both of my palms facing downwards, being one with the earth. And when I open my eyes, all I want and could see are more diamonds in the sky, with stories of a thousand years waiting to be told.

Just waiting here makes my spirited soul calm, far from the city's entanglement. Far from the broken pieces I thread on barefooted.

I'm alone now.

I have nothing to hide. I can bury my toes into the sand. I'm not and unlike all of you who are unconscious of who they can be and are. I close my eyes. And I return back to the hills where a school of birds are taking flight. "Classes are starting later. You are early."

The trees move together and the wind brushes softly against my cheek. Calm. White. Like a blank sheet of paper.

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