Monday, 29 March 2010

oh em gee, i want his scarf

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Not only I want the scarf, I wish Jeff Buckley was still alive and I'd be at CBGB watching his gig. If only, if only. Oh my, how much Axl Rose has aged. I wouldn't mind catching GnR too.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Baby, I didn't forget to take my meds

With Brian Molko of Placebo! Photo with Nokia X6 by a rather shaky hand

My awesome XL Topman shirt with cutout sleeves, cassette tape icon and not one or two but three of Placebo's autographs: Brian, Steve, Stefan. Not for sale.

If you were born a rock star stalker, you die a rock star. Apparently, I'm this close to that transition; someone left me a message on my status. Anyway, I got a call to rush to a nearby hotel, to which I did and didn't regret it one bit.

I totally forgot my Sharpie (a must-have in my bag alongside one million other things) so I got a very nice hotel staff to go dig a marker pen for me.

I was with a writer from a magazine when we were making small chats with Brian. And I have all of this in recording:

Brian: "Do you know that 'junk' means male genitalia in the US?"
Me: No! Tell me more!
Brian: (laughs and smiles shyly) Ah... never mind.
Me: No really!
Brian: (laughs)

Then I actually fumbled because I thought Brian was going to be intimidating (but he turned out otherwise) and I asked him: "Can you interview my shirt?" (when I meant autograph, whatthefuck).

So, naturally, Brian LAUGHED AT ME and held the marker pen to my shirt and said: "Hello, I'm interviewing you."

I realised what I said and rolled my eyes silly and played along: "Yes, the cassette tape on my shirt is recording, haha, autograph I mean, ohmygawd."

He was so nice. With a capital N. He uses MAC eyeliner by the way. I was interested in his polysexualness but couldn't ask him with time running out. Shook hands, exchanged smiles and I was left starstruck.

I think the last time I was this starstruck was when Incubus was in town, and that interview with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie. Yep.

Then there was Steve who was lingering in the lobby, to which I struck a conversation with him and telling him that: "your band's only been here like what, once in a thousand years, so yes, I'm definitely gonna be at your concert" when he asked.

Stefan didn't say a word when I got him to scribble my back, though. I is sked of him.
After that, I smsed everyone and went 'oh em gee, oh em gee'. Yep, that was pretty much my day before the concert. Serious interview transcript, I will link the url later.

The concert? I climbed over railings and stood on a chair to get a better view alongside Loque of Butterfingers. I is not ladylike. But I had so much fun; all the stalking, climbing was well worth it. Don't learn from me; it's my trade secret. Read it from my book.

Oh, which reminds me, the PR was such a bitch to begin with, that I actually ended up with four tickets. Two unused extra tickets which I could have peddle off for money; wtf is wrong with me. Of course, I didn't, hello!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

It has been a year

All of my regrets and troubles started right about this time and I'm glad to have escape unscathed, albeit scarred mentally. But some good did come out of it; I learnt a lot about myself and what I can do. I can make that move, take that risk and while I did lose a lot other things, it only taught me to be stronger.

Out of your disease, we found the courage to move on.


Shapes, recently, have been attracting my attention a lot lately.