Saturday, 23 January 2010

I'm riding the X6. Nokia X6, baby.

taken with X6

So, I received an email a while back and thinking it was a media event (I never do read my emails thoroughly, please excuse my bad), I had RSVP for two. Text100, the PR agency for Nokia, returned my email to say that I had been one of the few chosen 'bloggers' to preview and receive the new Nokia X6 - which has not even been released in Malaysia's market yet!
Now, I'm not a lucky girl; I only consider myself lucky if I'm thisclosetomyrockstars so this was a nice surprise considering I got robbed off my ck clutch which contained my belongings including a Nokia 6300.
Back to the phone.

It's pretty bulky in my hands and despite the shape, I managed to drop it not once but twice! It survived both falls with no scratches so I'm thankful. Brownie Point 1

Initially, I was fretting out because I had trouble registering, downloading music, then getting the songs rejected by my phone because it had no license (?!!) - by the time I was done with the whole registration, I got used to Nokia Ovi Player, the software used to download music. Songs are pegged with special license so you won't be pirating and sharing it with your friends; understandable since royalties need to be paid. Brownie Point 1

The user interface is pretty easy to use since everything is touch screen. Urgh moment - it tends to lag a good 5-6 seconds. Minus Brownie Point 1

Accessing the Internet through 3G is simple so I'm fairly pleased since I'm such a Facebook and Twitter addict. Brownie Point 1

Music! X6 has up to 32gb of storage for all my music needs and we've been lucky to be given a 1-year's free subscription to access the Nokia music storage where I managed to download The Doors, Nirvana, The Killers, No Doubt, David Bowie and even obscure bands like AIR and Eels. So this indie girl is pretty happy. Brownie Point 1

How can you forget about photos! It takes pictures with 5 mega pixels clearity and you can see here how much fun Suanie, Fireangel and myself had at Zeta Bar with the X6. Brownie Point 1
Headphones are freaking awesome. They are foldable, which means you could bend them into half and fold them into a nice bag. And they are black. I like black. But someone told me white would be nicer. I digress. Brownie Point 1.
You'd prolly be tempted to compare this with Apple iPhone and it does share the same interface; but do bear in mind if you fry your Apple phone batt, you have to purchase the NEW MODEL all over again.
How many of you out there can say they have a unreleased X6 again, hmm? Yes, I'm gonna rub it in till the cows come home.

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