Monday, 2 January 2012

Pictures: M.A.C Cosmetics
[HEADLINE] A Lott of attitude
[SUBHEAD] Pixie Lott understands the power of a smoky eye look. That’s why we watch her get dolled up with a little help from M.A.C Cosmetics

“Sometimes it’s good to go with it but you could clash with it as well. ‘Cause I prefer to clash things rather than matching them,” says the 18-year-old Pixie Lott, who’s fiddling with her rainbow-coloured nails as she’s getting her smoky eye look done by M.A.C Senior Artist Yokoe Chan in the comforts of her hotel room.

Pixie, or born Victoria Lott, is an English pop singer who’s buzzing from the success of her
hit single ‘Mama Do’ when it flew straight to the top spot of the UK Chart. Currently, the not-so-pixie lass is getting ready for a long day of shoots and interviews, having performed the night before to 15,000 revellers at MTV World Stage: Live in Malaysia. Commenting her look for the concert, she says: “I had smoky eyes and big lashes for my show and I added extra glitter to my look. I really liked it. When I perform, I go with big, black eyes but sometimes during the day, I’d just wear mascara with a lip colour that’s brighter – I like to mix it up a bit.”

When she is not doing her own make-up, “which I can do under 15 minutes”, she says – the giggly singer who looks like a split image of Duffy, gets her make-up done by the professionals. Here, Yokoe takes charge and gives her a soft, edgy look for daytime wear. Sit up and learn, folks.

Spray on Fix +, an aqua-spritz of vitamins and minerals to hydrate and refresh skin. After
moisturising your skin, apply the Prep + Prime skin base. The primer minimises pores, makes blending easier and allows your foundation to stay on longer.

For convenience sake, you can use powder foundation but if you like translucent skin, you could
use liquid foundation. Use a foundation brush to blend the liquid foundation as it evens out the amount you apply on your skin. Follow up with Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder to set the foundation.

Some of the key areas to cover up are under the eye area, spots and redness. The trick is to pat on the concealer and layer on if you want more coverage. For Pixie, I’m using Select

Follow with a Powder Blush; if you want to create a sweet look, use circular motions. If you prefer the edgy look, start from the hairline towards the bridge of your nose.

For her eyes, I’m using Black Track Fluidline. It’s useful as it doubles up as an eyeshadow colour or a liner. If you’re lining your eyes, the easiest way is to start from the roots of the lashes to the inner corner of your eyes.

Since the focus is the eyes, we will use a lighter shade for the lips. Follow with a clear Lip Glass to create glossy, sexy lips.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

[HEADLINE] It’s show time
[SUBHEAD]The 15 filmmakers tell us, in their own words, what their short films are all about.

By Yasmin Ahmad, no comment
What’s it about When I make my films, I don’t think about it; I film them based
on my feelings. Before I film a story, I will write the story down, watch it
and then only think about what it means. One cannot think in advance because if
you do, your work will be poor (Her muse, Sharifah Amani plays the lead role)
Film’s message Now that I’ve shot the film, I would say maybe it’s about love
and sex being more powerful than politics, race issues, wealth and greed
Why she chose to participate I like Pete Teo!
Describe the film in three words (“Can it be five?” she asks) Love more powerful than politics
You may have seen her works Sepet, Gubra, Muallaf, Talentime, those tearjerker Petronas ads

By Ho Yuhang, 34
What’s it about A Chinese boy’s misadventures in getting an Islamic bank
account after coming back from overseas. (See if you can spot YouTube sensation
Moral of the story My stories have no morality
Why he chose to participate They chose me; I didn’t have a choice. I’m
the chosen one - just like Jesus!
Describe your film in three words Hope it’s funny
You may have seen his works Rain Dogs, Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology, As I Lay Dying

By James Lee, 36
What’s it about How Malaysians distance themselves from the happenings that
made headlines in newspapers around the Malaysia and how the media is a part of it
Film’s message We are living in a surreal country and we know some things are
not true but we just learn to accept it as we can’t do much - we become numb to
it. The film is presented in a stylised way but it’s also not too direct
Why he chose to participate Pete asked us to do it and we’re familiar
with him. We trust him with the whole concept
Describe your film in three words Stylised and surreal
You may have seen his works The Beautiful Washing Machine, Histeria, Call If You Need Me

By Liew Seng Tat, approaching 30
What’s it about How to slaughter animals the halal (permissible) way
Film’s message To inform the public about this procedure
Why he chose to participate Because Pete chose me!
Describe your film in three words Very, very good
You may have seen his works Bread Skin With Strawberry Jam, Not Cool, Flower In The Pocket

By Amir Muhammad, 37
What’s it about It’s the preachiest film ever made: An interview with Nik Aziz in Kelantan about the concept of an Islamic community
Why he chose to participate I’ve always wanted to film in Kelantan for the longest time and with this platform, now I have a reason to
Describe your film in three words Vote for PAS
You may have seen his works The Last Communist, Apa Khabar Orang Kampung, The Big Durian, Susuk

By Woo Ming Jin, 32
What’s it about It’s a parody about corruption and party-hopping in Malaysia. An illegal DVD seller stumbles upon this exchange between two Datuks. One Datuk tries to convince the other to hop party while the other questions the political morality of this (Veterans Patrick Teoh and Harith Iskandar tickle us in this film)
Film’s message I make films to entertain the audience, not to inform
Describe your film in three words Half-naked men
You may have seen his works Salon, The Elephant and The Sea, Kurus

By Tan Chui Mui, 31
What’s it about The film is set in the future. Everyone lives in a world where everyone is force to change their jobs and family members every day to create equality
Film’s message Our society is always struggling. You want the government to give you something but they don’t always care and they control too much
Why she chose to participate I missed the chance to join Pete’s project last year (she made seven short films then). This year, I jumped straight away at the chance
Describe your film in three words Funny science fiction (“although some may
disagree,” she adds)
You may have seen her works A Tree In Tanjung Malim, Company of Mushrooms, Love Conquers All

By Khairil Bahar, 29
What’s it about It’s about what happens when you take something too far. Like,
when you take an advice to a point where you get paranoia
Film’s message Sometimes you shouldn’t take advice warnings too far
Why he chose to participate It was something fun to do
Describe your film in three words Funny as hell
You may have seen his works Ciplak, The Writing On The Wall

By Desmond Ng, 35
What’s it about See last question
Film’s message It’s more of a ‘question-to-self’ than a message
Why he chose to participate Why not? Also, I needed a break from my
day job...
Describe your film in three words Pride and prejudice!
You may have seen his work Tetangga

By Kamal Sabran, 32
What’s it about Ordinary Malaysians and their views on our country. I interviewed 12 Malaysians – from schoolchildren to elderly folks – of different races and gender based on the words ‘tanah air’ (homeland). I asked them what ‘soil’, ‘water’ and ‘homeland’ means to them and they tell me their perceptions. There are no stars in this film but Malaysians themselves
Film’s message Unity. Oh, and Malaysians’ perception about their country in an
indirect perspective. In a nutshell, it’s about Malaysians and their homeland
Describe your film in three words Ordinary Malaysians hope
You may have seen his works The music videos to Pete Teo’s ‘I Go’ and Malaysian Artistes For Unity’s ‘Here In My Home’

By Linus Chung, 29
What’s it about We’re living in an adult’s world with child-like problems. When kids bully one another, people laugh. But they don’t laugh when adults do it! (Yasmin Ahmad has a cameo role in this)
Film’s message There’s always injustice and bullying, in this dog-eat-dog world
Why he chose to participate I’m a filmmaker and a storyteller. When there is an opportunity for me to tell a story, I will jump on it. It’s also another chance for me to put the film out for people to see
Describe your film in three words Life not fair
You may have seen his work A Note of Love

By Bahir, 26 and Benji, 24
What’s it about A mockumentary of a cab driver ala The Office style. In this film, Khairy Jamaluddin, who plays the cab driver, complains a lot about everything but there is sentiment to it
Film’s message When we set out to do the film, the basic concept was that Malaysians tend to complain a lot and not do anything. They also don’t base their arguments on any facts to make the right judgement
Why they chose to participate When Pete calls to ask you to do a short film, you never say no. My partner and I have this discussion about what we can contribute to this issue. So at least we’re contributing something
Describe your film in three words Crazy, ranting maniac
You may have seen their works 5.13, The Joshua Tapes

By Johan John, 34
What’s it about It’s about inflation. The story is about a 9-5 guy who visits a brothel and all that. After doing his business, a discussion escalates about money and the cost of living. I look at it in two ways: a guy with a 9-5 job and prostitution as the oldest of profession, with both parties suffering the same effect. It’s a straight-laced comedy
The message behind his film I think it’s mostly just about people being unhappy about the recession, economy, hike in prices and low salaries. The moral is, a lot of people are quite unhappy about it
Why he chose to participate It was interesting because we could put our views out and there is freedom to express what we feel about this country. For me, I hope people could relate to this
Describe your film three words Hope everyone understands
You may have seen his works Tajuk Cerita, Semalam, Kita

By The Suleiman Brothers: Mussadique, 32 and Jordan, 29
What’s it about It looks at a cross section of our society. The film collides in one crossroad where the rojak stall is
Film’s message We’ll leave it to the audience to gauge. But in short, the film is about the many differences that people are made up from but we get together because of food
Why they chose to participate We liked the idea of doing collection of short films. We worked with Pete before and we like his direction. He’s tough and picky but that’s fine as everyone is of the same traits, right? But the good thing is he lets us do whatever we like. We also participated because we know the other filmmakers who are a good bunch
Describe the film in three words Outrageous, down-to-earth, colourful
You may have seen their works Makan and the music video to Pete Teo’s ‘Lost In America’

By Nam Ron, 40
What’s it about A paedophile kidnaps young girls to abuse. Actor Bront Palarae
has a starring role Moral of the story Keep your child safe
Why he chose to participate Because of Pete!
Describe your film in three words Dark and creepy
You may have seen his work Gedebe, Proses, Misi, Look Back In Anger

[HEADLINE] Audrey Tautou is Coco Chanel
To me, French actress Audrey Tautou will always be Amelié. But soon, to others, she will be known as Coco Chanel. Audrey, who was last seen beside actor Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code, has been cast as Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, the famous couturier who took the fashion world by storm.
When Audrey was first approached to play the icon, she had her doubts. But she agreed upon the role and did what she did when she became Amelié – she trusted her instincts and got lost in her character – although she did say it was difficult to portray such a memorable style icon.“There was an obligation to run an interpretation that people might already know about Coco Chanel and we have to honour that image and personality,” she said in an interview.
She continued: “There are so many myths about her. That was the most difficult thing with this character. About this period of her life there was so little known - there are no witnesses to that time. She was so secretive about who she was and I had to start depending on my own opinion creating something from the materials that I had.”
“I had to use my imagination a lot.”
“I had to trust that.’’
Coco’s love for fashion began when she designed hats, to which she learnt to extend herself, remaking and bridging together masculine and feminine style for pragmatic and aesthetic reasons. She became an indirect crusader for feminism, when she chose to wear pants in what was then very much a man’s world. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.
Partly based on Edmonde Charles-Roux’s book, L’Irrégulière: Ou, Mon Itinéraire Chanel, the film is adapted for the big screen by Anne Fontaine, an actress-turned-director. Loosely entitled Coco Avant Chanel, the storyline will not revolve too much of Coco’s life story because it would be impossible to show all that fabulousness in one film. Instead, director Anne intents to dish a little dirt about Coco’s youth, which will include her time as a cabaret singer and her steamy love affairs with some of the influential men who helped her break into the fashion world.
Mademoiselle Chanel may be long gone but the couturiére will be fondly remembered and brilliantly portrayed (without a doubt) by the beautiful Audrey in the upcoming biopic.
While we await the film with bated breath, you may want to take a peek at Audrey’s latest foray – she stars as the new face of the biggest-selling perfume of all time, Chanel No. 5.
Written 27/9/2009