Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I heart 500 Days of Summer

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I missed the screening of 500 Days of Summer when I checked my email two hours too late but I was adamant about watching it on the big screen because:

1. the cutesy bank dance ala Jason Mraz's 'You and I'
2. Zooey Deschanel, for she's a fine understated actress
3. I'm an indie purveyor like that

Trotted off to Pyramid on the first opening night (it opened on Oct 1st and in KLCC on Oct 15; they underestimated the film, me thinks) and sat myself down in a hall with 50 others for a midnight show.

The show, in a nutshell: cutesy. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who's best known for his 10 Things I Hate About You and 3rd Rock From The Sun roles, carried his lovetorn character very well while Zooey played the kooky, perky part with much ease! They break-up, get back together, say stupid things, not say things -no cookie-cutter Hollywood kinda shit - it's stuff what real relationships are made of. And that's what made me uneasy; it reminded me so much about what I went through with Muscle Man. I know this because he shot me a couple of glances and I refused to give in to him.

There is nothing predictable about the show; the film's misc-en-scene, shifts back and forth in time, kept my attention on hold but it can be a little confusing for those who like their films straight-talking. I also liked that the film is campy, especially the part where Joseph was dancing to Hall & Oates. That's what make indie films so fresh, without the whole Hollywood-ness in it.

The only thing that irked me was the censors who snipped off vulgarities; so I'm gonna go grab the DVD to watch it all over again. And the OST? Splendid. Spent half the time guessing the singers - from The Smiths to Wolfmother - it reminded me of Zach Braff's Garden State. I hope it wins an award!

Four freaking stars!

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