Monday, 9 September 2013

It could have been me

I couldn't shake this feeling off. Someone I had crossed path with, had died from drowning and as much I would like to mourn, I didn't know how to, or how much I should because I hardly know him. Yet we've met, said hi, smiled, talked a little about his work on a yacht, for this media junket over the weekends in Phuket.

It's okay [to mourn] because it's a human soul." my girlfriend tells me.

And also, what really dug deep inside was that he was 35 years young, and too young to die. I am 32 and that made me think, it could have been me. What if it was me? Had I started out doing everything I had wanted to do? Have I fulfilled all of my dreams and wishes?

And the soul lingers in between two realms because it doesn't want to leave, nor it believes it is dead.

So I told myself I needed an outlet to put these thoughts down into words, for it may stay with me inside. That's how I began my Monday morning.

It could have been me.


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sgrmse. said...

good post. sorry for your loss.