Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary darl.

I wanted to make you a card but I can't find any colouring stencils in your room and I decided this is what I do best.

You're taking up space again; even the cat is annoyed but I love that about you.

You have this innate ability to annoy the helluva me but you always give in to me with that sly grin of yours.

You can't stand my indie songs and neither can I with your 80s tunes but we always have a good laugh about it.

I always get away with things (nag, whine, chores) but that's because you're too kind with me.

I know I haven't been on my best behaviours and I've said some hurtful things in the past, but I hope we could give it a try again.

Oh and your fried rice is way better than mine. Anytime.

[music for the soul: on and on and on - wilco]

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