Sunday, 27 September 2009

musik makes the people

First concert? Dang, it was Linkin Park in 2003. It was awesome because I passed out in the mosh pit and got flung over the barricades, landing on the greens. No guards came to my rescue and the first thing I saw when I regained consciousness was Chester's feet. I don't know why I didn't climb over the stage.

Last concert?Arthur's Day with Black Eyed Peas. I wasn't feeling it because of 1. sucky stage set-up 2. technical glitches 3. Fergie all clothed up 4. lack of ventilation 5. it was a fucking bad day for me

Favorite concerts? V Fest Gold Coast

What bands played it? AIR, Smashing Pumpkins, Roisin Murphy, Jesus and Mary Chain, Queens of Stone Age, CSS,

Dream concert (of 5 bands)? Urgh toughie. But I'm feeling Kings of Leon, The XX, Radiohead, Kasabian and Wolfmother at this very moment. If you ask me in my mellower mood, it would be Mew, Feist, Elbow, Doves and Hooverphonic.

Favorite band live: Mu-fucking-se. Er, Muse. Heh.

Band you really want to see live: Oasis 'cause I was broke then and had to miss their Singapore gig. But singer-songwriter has to be, of course, Jeff Buckley.

Band you’ve seen before but NEVER want to see live again: Black Eyed Peas, haha.

Band you’ve never seen and you never want to see them: Name all the poppy bands on radio now. Oh, Boys like Girls crap.

Show you got the worst post-concert depression from: Nadda.

How many times did you see that show/tour? Not applicable.

Most you’ve ever paid for a concert ticket: S$251 for Coldplay. Do not convert and let me know how much in RM.

Next concert? Possibly AAR, and hopefully Patrick Watson.

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