Monday, 7 September 2009

malam tumpang glamour

pictures by rubbergetah susumilk

We never really had the chance to explain why we threw a party on short notice but spontaneity is key because you don't anticipate the seriousness of planning a real party. We didn't plan. It was all talk but action came into play when we had friends who could pull strings for us. I thank them. And thanks to Tiger Beer for sponsoring and to Hi-Volt for the sound systems, as well as Inked Studio for the awesome location.

Elfie, Mike, TJ and I were bored of our wits at some event and I randomly said, 'I want to learn how to DJ' which led to TJ's same response. As usual, Elfie was her cussing self and she blurted 'y'all tumpang glamour shit etc etc et al' which gave me a huge idea. I could be DJ Glamour and TJ could be DJ Tumpang. Elfie and Mike followed suit with their names DJ Nr. 13 and DJ Mata Mata. So we set the date of the event three weeks from our date of discussion.

The party was based on the notion that it could be done all under RM50 and it was a parody of the expensive clubbing nights in KL. That's why we had requirements like RM1 donation to Furry Farm Animals, newspapers for recycling, and er, moustache was the theme of the night.

What a night.

We invited friends of media and creative industry. Oh, Suanie, ShaolinTiger, KimberlyCun, kyspeaks were there too! Ten cartons of Tiger were gone in a blink of an eye. Music was pumping. We decided DJ Cinta, a friend of Inked Studio's, take charge of music that night after I played my songlist. Didn't regret that at all, didn't we?

It rained about 2something am when I walked down the stairs to pick up a phone call when I witnessed a fight. Everyone went downstairs to watch. Blood on the floor. Tempers flared. Cops were called. Partygoers started fleeing the scene. I took refuge at the mamak. It was a fucking crazy night. When they arrested the drunken guy (not from our party), it was way past 3something am. We went back right up, cleared the place, packed sound system into my car and made our way home. It was 5am when I changed into clean wear.

But what a night. Guess we could plan for MTG 2?

[music for the soul: revelry - kings of leon]

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