Wednesday, 2 September 2009

cruel lines

In 2007, I blogged about Hotel Chevalier. When I watched it again, together with Darjeeling Limited last night, I realised how profound the movie has its effect on me. The beauty of trust, lust, respect, friendship, and of course, India was enough to hold my attention.

This was what I said in 15 Dec 07.

"As the prologue to Darjeeling Limited, Hotel Chevalier attempts to shed a little more light on the two main characters played by Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman. Yes, it's that film where she went totally buff (Closer, don't count)."

And the lines that only matter in the 13-minute short film, Hotel Chevalier:

Ex-gf: Whatever happens I don't wanna lose you as my friend.
Jack: I promise I will never be your friend, no matter what. Ever.

click to play 13-minute video

There's another line that hit me when I was watching Watchmen. It goes something like this:

Dan: If he's pretending, it means he cares.

I'm sure there are plenty more out there but these lines have been playing in my head like a broken tape. I wonder if I am deluding myself.

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