Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I was telling Eric the other day, that with every step you take, you'd never know what happens next. One cannot prepare themselves with future situations that will befall on you and one cannot pre-engineer the steps you want to take which will change the magnitude of the situation that is going to happen to you.

So, it happened; what next? I cannot change the course of fate. I cannot go back and rewind my steps; one by one. I asked myself, if I had been late for a few more minutes or if I had just spend a little more time in the dressing room or not have gone into the changing room, would I had prevented it?

If I had stayed where I've always been these few years, would I have avoided this mess?

The cosmic might have ways to tell you but...

I took a step and I... I'm gonna keep it together.

I've been doing quite a good job at it too.

[music for the soul: appalachian springs - the verve]

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