Wednesday, 19 August 2009

rock star stalker gets her rock stars

My dream job would be stalking rock stars all day long but I guess I am happy with just a weekend of blissful chasing after rock stars in the hall way during MTV World Stage: Live in Malaysia.

The trick is, people, that while a press con is being held in the hall, you excuse yourself to the bathroom and voila, you'd stumble upon a legion of rock stars waiting to be ushered into the hall.

Amy and I stood there; we couldn't believe our luck!

With Tom Meighan of Kasabian after an interview session on the Sunday. He was charming, in good spirits, kept direct contact with those blue eyes and most importantly, he was witty. He planted a kiss on my head on the way out and I vowed not to wash my hair that night (but of course I did after much hesistation!)

Saturday. Just as they were about to be ushered out, I quickly asked Tom and Serge for a picture

Tyson of All-American Rejects. This is a story which I don't get bored of telling, ever! The second I whipped out my camera, five security guards jumped on me and blocked my lens with their hands. I was dumbfucked. But Tyson saved the day by saying "It's ok, she's special!" I turned to him and said "I hope it's [meant] a good thing!"

Doug of Hoobastank

I made Chris and Dan ask each other questions. They were baffled. Mission accomplished. It was meant to be a senseless interview anyway. Read it in envy magazine soon.

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